KS3 science club activity pack – combatting climate change

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Jane R
KS3 science club activity pack
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This activity pack for KS3 science is full of fun science experiments for your school science club or STEM club.

As well as making learning science fun, these science club activities provide insights into the principles behind cutting-edge technologies that can help us to combat climate change. The topics and learning objectives are aligned to the KS3 science curriculum and will complement the content of your science lessons.

This pack aims to give students the opportunity to carry out hands-on science experiments, to develop their experimental skills and problem-solving skills, to encourage them to feel optimistic about our ability to solve the climate crisis and above all to nurture their love of science, inspiring them to become the climate scientists of the future.

These science club activities are straightforward to set up, with a bit of lab technician help, and easy to carry out, making them ideal for an after-school club. The pack also contains ideas for KS3 science experiments to carry out at home and links to video clips for students to find out more.

What’s included?

  • An editable poster for promoting your after-school science club

  • PowerPoints of inspirational images and activity instructions

  • Eight sessions covering 11 science club activities to do at school

  • Suggestions for science experiments to try at home

  • Video links for students to find out more

  • Teaching notes with materials lists and answers

  • A feedback sheet for students

About the writer

This KS3 science club activity pack was written by former science teacher Jane R.

What's inside?


Session 1: Energetic thinking 

  • Modelling the greenhouse effect

Session 2: Battery-powered 

  • Testing a body battery and fruit battery

Sessions 3 & 4: Worldwide wind 

  • Making and testing a wind turbine

Session 5: Fluid movement 

  • Understanding pendulums and vortices

Session 6: The light fantastic 

  • Improving the efficiency of solar cells

Sessions 7 & 8: That’s a cool house! 

  • Making models of houses for hot climates
KS3 science club activity pack – combatting climate change
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