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This collection of downloadable teacher-created resources supports the delivery of GCSE maths lessons. Including maths worksheets, lessons, teaching ideas and student activities that reinforce all aspects of the KS4 maths curriculum. Resources are suitable for a range of GCSE exam boards, including AQA, OCR and Edexcel.

GCSE worksheets and activities by topic

Browse maths resources that build confidence with number and algebra. Choose from a range of ways to practise algebraic skills, from solving simultaneous equations to simplifying algebraic fractions and factorising quadratic equations. Worksheets on the rules of indices and standard form and activities on fractions, decimals and percentages will also help to reinforce essential knowledge and skills for KS4.

Introduce and revise concepts for geometry and measures at KS4 using the tried and tested teaching resources in this collection. With numerous Pythagoras and trigonometry worksheets to choose from, students will have plenty of opportunities to practise using the sine and cosine rules and finding interior and exterior angles.

Teach and reinforce important skills for understanding statistics and probability using the lessons and activities in this KS4 collection. Students will learn how to analyse and collect data using frequency tables, and how to represent data using different methods from pie charts and Venn diagrams to histograms and boxplots.

GCSE maths revision resources

When it comes to GCSE maths revision, this resource collection is packed with activities to help consolidate and practice key concepts. Provide a little light relief from past papers with quizzes and games that support revision or find the perfect worksheet for in-class or at-home revision.

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