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Last updated: 15/11/2023
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In this 30-minute CDP video and PowerPoint resource, EAL in the mainstream: practical strategies to support EAL students in the classroom, Anna Czebiolko talks about the challenges that EAL learners face and suggests strategies and tips to help EAL learners develop their language skills in the classroom. 

Download the accompany CPD PowerPoint. 

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About the speaker:

Anna Czebiolko is a secondary head of English as an Additional Language (EAL). She has worked with children in every year group from nursery to sixth form and also has experience of coordinating EAL provision in a large secondary academy. She enjoys trying innovative methods with her students and sharing her knowledge with teachers and other practitioners at conferences.

Here's an extract from the downloadable PowerPoint resource to accompany the webinar: 

Students with EAL experience many challenges during their learning. New arrivals in particular may struggle with cultural differences and the language barrier. They need to develop their understanding of the national curriculum and adapt to the new education system.

Personal challenges

  • Personal circumstances
  • Obstacles in the family settling in process
  • The distress caused by leaving everything behind

Social and cultural challenges

  • Not understanding the British education system
  • Cultural norms
  • The language barrier

Learning-related challenges

  • Different education systems
  • Linguistic differences between languages
  • Lack of personalised resources in the classroom

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