Macbeth role-play cards

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Macbeth role-play cards
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Drama: Shakespeare for key stage 3
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Role play/debate/discussion
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William Shakespeare

With this fun role-play activity, GCSE English Literature students are allocated a character from the Scottish play and need to decide what decision or course of action to take.

Perfect as a pre-reading activity, prior to working on a scene in Act One or Act Two, or for consolidation and confidence-building after reading. Students then complete a table explaining their character's decision and share their ideas with others. 

An extract from the resource: 

You are: King Duncan of Scotland

Scotland has come under attack from a strong Danish force, aided by treasonous Thanes. The Scots have fought well, especially the forces under Macbeth’s leadership.

Do you:

  1. Kill all the traitors you can find and promote those who helped you? That should stop others betraying you and make sure you have the most loyal men at the top.
  2. Persuade the traitors to come back into the fold – you’ll need all the support (and gold) you can get in case other countries decide to invade when you’re in a weakened state.
  3. Kill all the traitors and promote members of your family – you can trust them, can’t you?

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