Settings and encounters: Italy vs England in 'A Room with a View'

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Linda Newton
Settings and encounters: Italy vs England in 'A Room with a View'
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Prose: Modern prose
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E.M. Forster
A Room With a View

This comprehensive A-level English Literature or A-level English Language and Literature resource helps students to compare Forster's use of Italian and English settings in the novel. Students also consider how characters' encounters in these settings influence characterisation. Includes suggested answers to support teachers or for peer marking and discussion in class. 

Sample content 

  1. Find evidence from the novel to illustrate the following differences. Some notes/hints have been added for you. Add your own notes and examples to directly compare the two settings.


Chapters 1-7, 20


Chapters 8 - 19

  • Sun and warmth; light and colour, e.g. First para of chapter 2.
  • But Hotel Bertolini, chapter 1 – in what ways is it not typically Italian?
  • Bleak and windy
  • Drab and dark, e.g. chapter 18 – destructive weather.
  • Open windows, action outdoors, chapter 2.
  • Descriptions of nature, views, water, end chapter 6.
  • But Charlotte closes windows, locks doors, end chapter 1.


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