Environmental Quality Surveys

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Environmental Quality Surveys
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Geography: Geographical applications and skills
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Introduce your KS3 and GCSE geography students to environmental quality surveys (EQS) with this complete lesson and data collection template. Suitable for all GCSE exam boards, it's a great activity to complete in preparation for urban fieldwork.

Students will create their own bipolar scale and use it as a benchmark for comparing different areas around their school grounds, measuring factors like air quality, litter and vandalism. Students will also practise their data presentation skills, creating a graph to display their data. Finally, students will analyse their findings with helpful sentence starters to guide them.

The PowerPoint includes helpful step-by-step instructions to prepare students for data collection and for presenting their data in radial diagrams. The worksheet includes printouts of the EQS and a template for students to use when creating their graphs. 

Looking for more fieldwork resources? Geographical applications and skills covers a range of fieldwork techniques including how to complete questionnaires, traffic counts and field sketches.

What is an environmental quality survey?

  • An environmental quality survey uses observations to assess the environmental quality of a location against a range of indicators such as litter and graffiti.
  • The qualities are measured on either a sliding scale or a bi-polar scale with pairs of opposing statements.
  • An environmental quality survey is completed independently creating subjective data based on personal judgement.

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