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Last updated: 15/11/2023
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What's included?

Get your pupils ready for key stage 3 with this UKS2 STEM project, consisting of a series of lesson plans and activity sheets focusing on the five senses.

Supporting the non-statutory elements of the primary science curriculum such as using scientific inquiry to answer scientific questions, this 75-page project-based resource pack will ensure your whole class develops a range of science skills and learns fascinating facts about the human body.

Pupils start off by exploring relevant books that link to our senses, move on to do a number of fun and interactive tasks such as the super sniffer senses activity and finish by completing a summative assessment on the senses.

Learners will also develop key PSHE skills such as problem-solving and group work in preparation for that all-important transition to secondary school.  

Divided into five milestones or sections, our five senses pack includes teaching ideas, templates, senses worksheets, inquiry questions and writing activities.

With a teacher section and a pupil worksheet section containing a bank of resources, this printable pack has everything you need for a complete, self-sustained, interactive project-based unit.

Collaboration, group work & social skills

These elements are integrated into this hands-on pack so you can be safe in the knowledge that important social skills are also being developed, alongside the curriculum elements, such as encouraging scientific inquiry and using recording sheets to support English as well as Science.

What's inside?

Milestone 1: Sense of touch

  • Explain how skin helps us to feel
  • Investigate sensitivity of different body parts
  • Creating a homunculus

Milestone 2: Sense of smell

  • Explain how we smell things
  • Complete an activity to investigate memory of scents

Milestone 3: Sense of taste

  • Identify parts of the tongue that experience different tastes
  • Complete a tasting activity
  • Explain how sense of taste is related to sight and smell

Milestone 4: Sense of sight and hearing

  • Explain how our eyes allow us to see
  • Explain how our ears allow us to hear
  • Complete sight and hearing activities

Milestone 5: 5 senses project

  • Write a story as a superhero with ‘super sense’
  • Create a comic strip from the story
  • Explain why the brain is important to the five senses

Use this project as a stand-alone unit or to supplement existing schemes of work. Many of the worksheets and teaching resources can also be used as meaningful homework activities and will save you planning time.

The assessment elements included within also mean that you can use the project as a way of benchmarking pupil attainment levels.

Download or browse Teachit Primary’s entire teaching pack collection. Equally, if you’re keen to view other Primary resources on body parts or the five senses, please browse our extensive resource libraries.

Our thanks also go to colleagues at for allowing us to re-use their original content.

Senses scavenger hunt

Directions: Go on a scavenger hunt by using your senses. Check off each box as you find something to fit the clue and write the name of the item you found on the line. Then, add another description to each category and write an item you found to fit that clue.

5 senses project: STEM activity pack
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