Healthy eating assembly

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Healthy eating assembly
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PSHE and wellbeing
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This whole school assembly aims to give children a better understanding of what they put in their bodies and how it can affect them. It will inform them of the best ways to eat healthily and help them make healthy food choices. It also looks at other ways to improve our physical wellbeing. 

The resource consists of teaching notes and a PowerPoint presentation. The assembly is intended to last approximately 20 minutes. 

An extract from the resource:

Explain that our bodies use food for fuel, just like a car uses petrol or diesel. And, similarly to a car, if we don’t put in the correct fuel, our bodies won’t function as effectively. This is why it is so important to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Click to reveal the food groups plate.

Explain that foods such as fruits and vegetables are very good for us. They give us lots of vitamins and minerals that help our bodies keep growing and working, and they help our immune system so we can fight off germs and bugs.

Other foods, such as fast foods, are not so good for us. They are full of salt, fat, and sugar. 

We need to make sure that, as much as possible, we are giving our bodies the right fuel, so we have enough energy. We use energy for every single thing we do. Even breathing and sleeping require energy!


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