How do we see things? Understanding light

Last updated: 15/11/2023
How do we see things? Understanding light
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This free EAL resource pack on the topic of light helps learners understand how light works and how we see things.

It is suitable for learners at KS2 who are New to English or at Early Acquisition stage and those who are Developing Competence. It provides a dictogloss activity, visuals and collaborative activities. It includes flashcards, a diagram-labelling activities and an ordering activity.

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The dictogloss text from this resource:

We can see things because light rays bounce off an object, like a tree, and then travel into our eyes through the pupil.
The iris controls how much light enters the eye through the pupil.
Then the light rays go through the lens.
The lens bends the light rays, and the image is displayed on the back of the eye, the retina. The image of the object is upside down.
Our brain turns the image the right way round.

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