Parts of a flower diagram

Last updated: 25/04/2024
Parts of a flower diagram
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The resources include a free printable PDF worksheet and a PowerPoint presentation, offering a detailed exploration of the parts of a flower and their functions, interactive activities, and a quiz.

What’s included

  • FREE printable PDF worksheet with a detailed diagram showing the parts of a flower, labelling activity and definition match-up.
  • PowerPoint provides a structured mini-lesson on the parts of the flower, featuring interactive learning activities, questions for developing student thinking and a quiz for reviewing and assessing understanding. (Subscribers only)

How to use these parts of a flower resources

Use the PowerPoint presentation for a structured, step-by-step guide to exploring the parts of a flower, and their functions. The interactive learning activities invite pupils to consider why certain flower parts have specific functions and stimulate classroom discussion to promote deeper understanding.

The parts of a flower diagram included in the PowerPoint and printable worksheet act as an helpful reference point, simplifying complex concepts into language accessible to KS2 children. Lastly, the interactive quiz included in the PowerPoint can be used as a fun and effective tool for reinforcing learning and assessing pupils' understanding. Our resources aim to make teaching about the parts of a flower interactive and engaging.

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