Outdoor Classroom Day assembly – wellbeing

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Outdoor Classroom Day assembly – wellbeing
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PSHE and wellbeing
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This whole-school assembly celebrates the great outdoors! Written to mark Outdoor Classroom Day in May, it explores the wellbeing benefits of being outside and looks at how we can do more of our learning in the fresh air, taking a subject at a time. 

The resource comprises teaching notes and a PowerPoint presentation and is intended to last approximately 20 minutes.  

An extract from the resource:

Tell the children that you’re about to have a look at some of their weekly lessons and ask this question: Does learning always have to be indoors?

Ask for two volunteer children to hold up the Possible / Impossible signs. Stand them at opposite sides of the hall at the front.

Tell the rest of the children that you are going to name a weekly lesson, and they have to decide – is it possible or impossible to do this lesson outside?

Explain that they will vote by pointing at either the Possible or Impossible sign. Warn them that you might ask them to explain their reasons for their vote, too! Ready?

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