Geography in the news: Wildfires in Hawaii

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Fiona Sheriff
Geography in the news: Wildfires in Hawaii
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This 'geography in the news' resource is perfect for bringing the real world into the classroom. Focusing on the recent news stories on the 2023 wildfires in Hawaii, students will explore the causes, effects and responses to this natural hazard.

Download the adaptable PowerPoint format for a complete lesson, or choose from the activities for a smaller mini-lesson or starter activity. The lesson has been designed for upper KS3 or KS4 students, but could easily be adapted for use with KS5 for teaching wildfires at A-level.

What caused the wildfires?


  • Hawaii has had wildfires in the past.
  • Temperatures had been getting warmer in Hawaii, and there had not been much rainfall. There were drought conditions declared in parts of Hawaii. It was abnormally dry.
  • There had also been strong winds from Hurricane Dora which helped to push fires further inland.
  • Wildfires need a spark to start. This could have been from lightning, faulty power lines or a human error. The exact cause is yet to be identified. However, with the very dry conditions it did not take long for the fire to spread.

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