GCSE geography advent calendar

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Fiona Sheriff
GCSE geography advent calendar
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Start the Christmas countdown with this advent calendar of revision questions for KS4.

With 24 questions to answer, students can practise and revise key concepts in geography to refresh their knowledge in the run-up to the holidays.

Tackle the questions in class or set it as a homework task to complete through December.

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1st December     
Coal might be found in the stockings of children who haven’t been their best this year. Coal is non-renewable. 
List three non-renewable fuel types.    

2nd December     
Snow and ice are commonly associated with Christmas weather. 
Prolonged periods of cold weather are associated with which type of air pressure?    

3rd December     
Reindeer are herbivores which means their diet consists of plants.
Identify which trophic level of a food web a reindeer would be found in.     

4th December     
In Tenby, a Boxing Day swim takes place every year. Tenby has a beautiful sandy beach. 
Describe how sediment is moved along the coastline. 

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