What is sustainable urban living?

Last updated: 15/11/2023
What is sustainable urban living?
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Introduce your GCSE students to sustainable urban living with this complete lesson and worksheet, featuring a case study of BedZED, the Beddington Zero Energy Development in London.

Students will learn what we mean by 'sustainability' and how this can be applied in urban environments. The lesson includes detailed case study information as well as a four mark exam-style question.

Using the information you have gathered so far, answer the following four-mark question: Using Figure 1 and your own knowledge explain why water conservation is important for sustainable urban living (4)

Model answer - WAGOLL:
The image in Figure 1 shows water butts, these conserve rainwater from gutters to reduce the amount of water entering the drains. This water can then be used to water the plants in the garden instead of using tap water or a hosepipe. They are also useful in times of hosepipe bans as you will have a store of water to keep your garden healthy. Reducing water use and not wasting it is one step to becoming more sustainable.

If the water conserved in the butts is used to water gardens this can help to grow plants which could be eaten by the owner, reducing food miles and encouraging self-sufficiency helping people who live in urban areas to become more sustainable.

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