Percentages – you write the questions

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Percentages worksheet for KS3-KS4
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This great resource for practising precentages has a twist: students are given the target answers and are asked to write the questions and show how to work out the answers.

Students will need to generate questions of certain types (e.g. % of amount, reverse %, compound depreciation).

Note that some of the target answers are the same so students will need to come up with a variety of questions to reach the same answer. Guidance and teaching notes are included, and the resource also comes as a PowerPoint slide for class modelling purposes.



An extract from the resource:

  • For each question type, write questions of that type with answers as close as possible to the target answers.
  • An example of each question type is shown - structure yours similarly.
  • You can choose the context of the question and the units of the answer. You could use money (£, $), mass (kg, g, tonnes), length (cm, m, km) or any other units you like. Try to use a variety.
  • For each question, show how you would answer it (as shown in the example questions).
  • Note that some of the target answers are the same. That means you need to come up with two or three different questions with the same answer!

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