100 number square

Last updated: 26/02/2024
100 number square
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These 100 number square printables are a versatile resource to support the teaching of various mathematical concepts. Useful for any educational setting, they can be used in classrooms as well as for home learning and are particularly useful for visual learners.

What’s included?

  • An illustrated 100 number square
  • A blank 100 number square
  • An odds and evens 100 number square
  • Mini printable 100 squares

How to use this 100 number square

To use this hundred number square, you can incorporate it into your lesson plans for teaching counting, number patterns, addition, subtraction, and more. Also, look out for additional number square activities that can provide your students with more practice and reinforce their understanding of key mathematical concepts.

More number square activities

This hundred number square can be used for activities like counting practice, identifying patterns, teaching addition and subtraction, understanding place value, distinguishing between odd and even numbers, and more. Its application in various mathematical exercises makes it a go-to resource for engaging students in interactive learning experiences.

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An extract from the ten teaching ideas for using number squares in maths lessons:

  • Counting practice (KS1) – Use the number grid to help children practice counting from 1 to 100. Start by asking children to count out loud as they point to each number.
  • Identifying patterns (KS1/KS2) – The number grid can help children recognise number patterns. For example, children can learn that the last digit of each number in the column increases by one as they move down or remains the same as they move across.
  • Addition and subtraction (KS1/KS2) – Use the number grid as a visual aid for teaching addition and subtraction. For instance, to subtract 10 from a number, children can simply move one row up on the grid.
  • Multiplication and division (KS2) – The number grid can also be used to teach multiplication and division. To explain the concept of multiplication as repeated addition, have children count in multiples (e.g. count by 2s, 5s, or 10s) using the grid.
  • Place value (KS2) – Use the number grid to reinforce understanding of place value. Ask children to identify how the tens and ones digits change as they move horizontally or vertically across the grid.

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