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Last updated: 26/02/2024
Fraction wall poster and worksheet
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This fraction wall poster and worksheet can be used as a teaching tool to visually demonstrate the relationships and comparisons between different fractions, from a whole down to 1/12.

What’s included?

  • Fraction wall poster — A4 landscape (FREE PDF version available)
  • Fraction wall poster — A4 portrait
  • Fraction wall cut and stick worksheet

How to use the fraction wall printables in your classroom

Use the fraction wall posters as a useful visual aid. Display them in your classroom to help children grasp the relationships and comparisons between different fractions.

The cut-and-stick worksheet offers an engaging, hands-on activity for children. Encourage them to cut out the fractional pieces and arrange them on the worksheet. This exercise will help reinforce their understanding of the relative sizes of different fractions, and how they compare to each other and to a whole.

Consider incorporating these resources into group activities. Facilitate discussions among students as they collaborate in arranging fractions on the worksheet. This can foster a deeper understanding and encourage a dialogue about fractions.

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