Place value charts

Last updated: 27/03/2024
Place value charts
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These printable and editable place value chart templates are handy visual aids for helping children learn about place value in whole numbers and decimals.

What’s included?

  • Blank whole number and decimal place value charts
  • Free printable PDF and editable versions (for subscribers)

Why use place value charts?

Place value charts offer a visual aid for the value of each digit in both whole numbers and decimals, thereby helping children comprehend the concept of ones, tens, hundreds, and so forth. They are crucial in teaching number sense and strengthening mathematical understanding. By using them, children can more readily understand addition and subtraction, and the value of different digits in larger numbers and decimals.

How to use place value charts in the classroom

Place value charts can be employed in numerous ways to enhance children's comprehension of place value in both whole numbers and decimals.

  • The charts can help illustrate how each number has a specific place and value. For instance, in the number 123.45, the value of 1 is 100, the value of 2 is 20, the value of 3 is 3, the value of 4 is 0.4, and the value of 5 is 0.05.
  • The place value charts can be useful for explaining addition and subtraction. For example, if you subtract 15 from 23, you can show on the chart how you 'borrow' 1 from the tens column and add it to the ones column, turning 3 into 13.
  • Place value charts can also be incorporated into games and activities. This might include children placing numbers on the chart, or shifting digits around the chart to form new numbers. This reinforces the concept of place value and makes learning more interactive.

Remember, while using place value charts, it's crucial to ensure children comprehend the concept and aren't just placing numbers without understanding their value.

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