Counting in 5s worksheets

Last updated: 27/03/2024
Counting in 5s worksheets
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Help children understand the basic concept of counting in 5s with these worksheets. They feature engaging activities to improve number recognition and counting skills essential for children's early mathematical learning.

What’s included?

A set of three worksheets available in free printable or editable versions (for subscribers):

  • Counting in 5s — number square
  • Counting in 5s — number line
  • Counting in 5s — objects

Plus teaching notes with instructions and suggestions for extension activities.

How to use these worksheets to learn to count in 5s

This set of worksheets provides a variety of approaches to support children with learning and practising counting in 5s. The activities can be used to build skills and confidence or to suit the different learning styles and needs of the children in your classroom.

Counting in 5s – Number square

In this activity, students enhance their skip-counting skills by filling in a number square, which helps them understand the pattern of counting in 5s.

Counting in 5s – Number line

This activity uses a number line to teach counting in 5s, reinforcing the concept of number order and helping children visualise the space between multiples of 5.

Counting in 5s – Objects

In this activity, students count groups of five objects to understand the concept of counting in multiples and write down the total. There are two differentiated versions of this worksheet to build confidence and support students’ needs.

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