Dictation and transferable chunks – Jake Hunton webinar for Teachit Talks

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Dictation and transferable chunks - Jake Hunton for Teachit Talks MFL
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In this 30-minute CPD webinar for MFL teachers, Jake Hunton examines the rationale for dictation in the 2024 curriculum and explores the power of key chunks and narrow translations in helping languages students with this new requirement. He also suggests a range of other essential dictation strategies.

Watch the video at Teachit Talks for MFL 2022, a page of CPD webinars by language teaching experts.

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Jake Hunton is a head of MFL and the author of Exam Literacy: A Guide to Doing What Works (and Not What Doesn’t) to Better Prepare Students for Exams and Fun Learning Activities for Modern Foreign Languages

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