Why study languages at A-level?

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Why study languages at A-level?
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Inspire your students to continue their foreign language studies at A-level and beyond with this fun and informative resource.

The PowerPoints presents students with information about the general benefits of continuing to study languages, such as improved memory, plus details of what you learn besides actual language skills – such as general communication skills, empathy and creativity. It also includes figures for the impressive A-level results achieved by languages students in 2023 and a list of jobs where an MFL A-level will be beneficial. Finally, students have the opportunity to discuss some thought-provoking quotations about language learning and its advantages.

The Word document / PDF contains reflection and discussion questions on the information in the PowerPoint, plus a set of cut-out cards that can be used for a guessing game: Three Clues – What career am I? The final task – researching careers and creating job profiles – is based on the accompanying Careers with languages posters.

This resource is suitable for use by the careers department, during tutor time or in a sixth-form open evening.

One of the cards from the Three Clues game:

  1. I'm active online.
  2. I'm interested in current affairs.
  3. I report what's happening in the country/world.
  • What job am I?


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