Year 6 maths assessments pack

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Our Year 6 maths assessments pack is designed to prepare children for their end-of-year maths tests and to help year 6 teachers assess children’s understanding of national curriculum objectives.

All the questions are presented in the style of KS2 maths SATs papers and a mark scheme is included.

The pack includes 10 test papers in total, eight of which are based upon a specific mathematical strand and two of which are KS2 SATs practice tests.

Test papers included in the assessment pack:

Paper 1: Number and place value 

Paper 2: Number and calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Paper 3: Fractions, decimals and percentages

Paper 4: Ratio and proportion

Paper 5: Algebra

Paper 6: Measurement

Paper 7: Geometry (properties of shapes and position and direction)

Paper 8: Statistics (charts and data)

Paper 9: KS2 SATs practice test (arithmetic)

Paper 10: KS2 SATS practice test (reasoning)

These printable diagnostic maths tests can be used in the classroom or for home learning. Tracking sheets are included to enable teachers to quickly identify gaps in children’s understanding of the maths curriculum.

Perfect for ensuring children are well-prepared for their final maths assessments at primary school.


Sample questions from the pack:

1. At midnight the temperature was -2ºC.

By midday the next day the temperature had risen by 8ºC.

What was the temperature at midday?


Calculate the answers.

30% of 240 is  ...................

75% of 240 is  ...................

50% of  ................  is 240


Yan mixes red and yellow paint to make orange.

He uses two 2 scoops of red with every 5 scoops of yellow.

How many scoops of yellow will he need to mix with 6 scoops of red?



Year 6 maths assessments pack
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