Tsunamis: EAL resource pack

Last updated: 20/12/2023
Tsunamis: EAL resource pack
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This is a pack of two EAL resources. It builds up learners' knowledge of tsunamis and their speaking skills as pupils are guided through activities culminating in orally explaining the causes of a tsunami in Part 1 and orally recounting a historical tsunami in Part 2.

It is suitable for KS3 learners who are either at the Developing Competence or Competent stage of English language acquisition (i.e., not suitable for those who are New to English). This pack includes flashcards, a graphic organiser activity and jigsaw activities.

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A sample extract from the resource:

The term ‘tsunami’ comes from the Japanese word for ‘harbour wave, referring to the way that such waves can overwhelm an entire harbour. Tsunamis are a series of massive waves that are caused by a sudden and tremendous undersea movement such as a landslide, earthquake or volcanic eruption. 

Find any words or phrases that refer to ‘cause and effect’ and circle them.

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