Festivals and celebrations maths challenges teaching pack

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Our Festivals and celebrations maths challenges year 6 teaching pack is designed to help children recap, practise and consolidate problem solving skills in preparation for KS2 SATs.  

The pack is divided into nine lessons. Each lesson targets a specific strand of the Y6 maths Programme of Study and relates to a particular festival or celebration to give maths a real-life context. 

Lessons feature a starter activity, a whole class teaching activity with PowerPoint slides, a worksheet for independent work and a plenary. 

Questions are KS2 maths SATs-style. Answers are


Lessons included in the pack:

Lesson 1: Halloween – add, subtract, multiply, divide

Lesson 2: Bonfire Night – fractions

Lesson 3: Diwali  – shape

Lesson 4: Hanukkah  – statistics

Lesson 5: Christmas  – position and direction

Lesson 6: Chinese New Year – percentages 

Lesson 7: Easter – ratio

Lesson 8: Earth Day – area, perimeter and volume

Lesson 9: Eid al-Fitr – algebra

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A sample word problem:

Auntie Zainab sells silver bracelets as Eid gifts in her shop. She uses a formula to work out how much each customer pays according to the number of links of silver in the bracelet (which she calls s). She charges 50p for each silver link and then £1.50 for the presentation box. What is the formula she uses to work out the cost for a customer?

Festivals and celebrations maths challenges teaching pack
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